Your Neighbor

Your neighbor, yes the one next door or down the street. What’s their name? This question was asked to me yesterday and hit me like a ton of bricks. Yes I know a few of their names but when it comes down to it do I really know them? Have I really put forth the effort needed to get to know them and let them get to know me?

It’s a tough question that brings up a new challenge I have for myself as well as for you. Let’s outreach to our neighbors, let’s build that relationship with them. Let’s share life with our neighbors like believers did in the early church.

Most of the time when we hear the word neighbor in a lesson we think of people far from us, or in a broad sense, all people. “Let’s Share Jesus Love with our neighbors, which means everyone.” While that is a great desire to have to share Christ’s love with everyone, I want to be a little more specific. I feel like sometimes we go so broad with a goal that it never happens. For example when’s the last time you made a new years resolution along the lines of “I’m not going to eat any junk food next year.” When it may be more beneficial to name the one junk food you have the most trouble with avoiding. I want you to share God’s love with your physical next door neighbor, let them know that you know a God who loves you and wants you to love others. I believe when Jesus commissioned the first believers, in saying “…you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8) He gave us a mission plan that we can still use today. First He tells them to witness where they are, Jerusalem. Then to the surrounding region, Judea. Then to the area near your region, Samaria (which was a nation who had conflicts with Judea). Then to the end’s of the earth, every where else.

We can follow this same outline by first sharing God’s love with our neighbors, the ones next door and the ones across our state. We can then outreach nationally to the Country we are in, in my case the United States. Then to bordering countries such as Canada or Mexico. Then we go to the ends of the earth spreading the Word of Truth.

I challenge you, to start where you are and to reach those closest to you by living out God’s will for your life today.

In Christ,
Wesley C.


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